5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Remote Employees Using Team Messaging Application

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Managing a team of employees working at multiple locations is not an easy task, especially when it comes to communication and mutual understanding. Not receiving proper attention, employees can feel as if they are left out. How to show your colleagues working outside the office that they are appreciated? How to motivate them and create the most friendly atmosphere? To solve this problem, Team messaging tool chat on go comes as a savior

Here are 5 ways to take care of your remote employees using team messaging application:

  1. Communicate with them

Even if you are far from each other, this does not mean that you can not find platforms that bring you closer. Carry out online discussions, share each other important office documents from your edges and look for ways to revitalize the meeting and get to know each other better.

  1. Make them participants of office events

Let your remote employees together with you celebrate achievements, take part in corporate celebrations and other common activities and entertainments. Sharing achievements, exchange success stories, carry out surveys and polls – the possibilities are endless.

  1. Talk about non-work-related topics

Communicate with the team in an informal setting via team messaging or enterprise group chats and let them know each other better and get to know you. Even if you only see one or two times a year, you are still colleagues. Talk on the same topics that you discuss, meeting with friends: vacation, family, sports, pop culture, hobbies. The acquired feeling of togetherness will help you to work better together, brainstorm and be creative in solving problems.

  1. Do not focus on trifles

When you cannot physically observe your team at work and see how colleagues are working on typing or making important calls, there is a strong desire to control every little thing or carry out verification checks, just to make sure that the work has not risen. Instead, use team project assigning and tracking tools to solve this problem (for both, the team as a whole and its individual members) and adhere strictly to it. Concentrate on the results and prove to your team that remote work is not an occasion for a special relationship. Setting clear goals and building trust relationships will help employees remain content and motivated.

  1. Send colleagues important office documents

Use enterprise team messaging tool to share all important docs , this will help your employees feel part of the team and maintain a fighting spirit, and will also give confidence that their contribution is no less important than the work of colleagues from the office.

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