6 Myths About Enterprise Messaging Apps

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Myths about Enterprise Messaging Apps

Big organizations from around the world have already switched to team collaboration and chat apps for business communication. However there are some of the myths that might be stopping businesses from adopting team messengers: Here’s a list of myths with explanation:

Myth #1 Team messaging apps aren’t secure enough

Security may be a major concern for corporate companies thinking of shift to free team messaging tools for business enterprises. As justified as it is, they’re correct! But, if you select an enterprise messaging app, you’ll be able to be assured of corporate level of information security with administrator controls. Business communication apps are going to be the sole trust worthy kind of collaboration. This merely implies that majority of your information are often retrieved, with no problems.

Myth #2 Collaboration apps are often used solely on smartphones

Unlike mobile messaging apps, that principally are often used solely on a mobile device, enterprise communication apps are often used across devices. Most internal chat choices for business enterprises offer native apps for mobiles, PC, tablets and also the net across different platforms. Your staff will simply switch between devices and keep track of conversations and vital updates.

Myth #3 Enterprise team messaging apps are for only chatting and not suitable for work functions

This is the biggest common misinterpretation. However, this way far from the reality as it probably can be. Precise and real time communication is a very important factor in attaining optimal business potency. With team messaging for business enterprises, you’ll be able to have the whole company directory at your fingertips. You’ll be able to drive productivity by discussing ideas, faster decision making, and obtaining instant feedback with each direct messaging and group discussions.

Myth #4 Investment in enterprise team messenger may be a waste of cash

Return on investment (ROI) is always a major question. The most important Return on Investment that you’ll measure is chat apps for businesses will provide you with driven collaboration by assembling resources from across the distributed organization to create effective choices. Effective choices, and time saved by replacing long trails of email chain will directly impact productivity. A recent statistical study suggests that companies utilizing social collaboration software system saw productivity improvement on an average of 12–5%. Additionally, analysis showed that client problems were resolved quicker, work time was reduced as well as instant resolution of distinction of opinions was expedited.

Myth #5 Team Chat cannot effectively support complex inquiries.

Chatongo allows you to conduct polls in order to gather opinions from the team members. You can take quick surveys and start executing on the plan. This saves a lot of time and simplifies things that probably emails won’t be able to support. These polls are very effective for data gathering and collection as well. You can get information from the members spread across different geographies.

Myth #6 No special options available aside from WhatsApp

WhatsApp is primarily engineered for fast text messaging and not business communication. Business messaging apps on the opposite hand are developed keeping business collaboration and communication in mind. Options like group discussions, sharing of all file varieties, incomprehensible language alerts, unlimited message storage and history and app integration are often experienced solely in a very business communications. Several of those platforms communicate well with existing software system, transferal all of your vital data on one screen, thereby increasing effectivity.

Advanced enterprise electronic messaging apps additionally offer permissions in group conversations, to-do, reminder and poll, and straightforward integrations. Some apps even permit sharing of code snippets, whereby you’ll be able to transfer, forward, edit and apply code at intervals the app itself!

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