9 Reasons Why Team Messengers Can Be A Game Changer For You

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Team messengers have revolutionized work collaboration at every work place now. It is now an essential collaboration tool for every corporate team. Free instant messaging  apps for business are touted as “New age workplace requirement”. It has almost replaced emails and has made the life at workplace a lot easier. However, a lot of enterprises still prefer using a traditional method of collaborating. Here are a few reasons why team messaging apps will change the game of how we collaborate at the workplace:

Staying up-to-date:
We know how difficult it is to take a day off at work and try to fit in a lot that is going on the other day. With ChatOnGO app, you can stay up to date as the cloud pulls in all the messages that you’ve missed. You can also access any important office document at the comfort of a click. With our free business instant messaging app, you can access all documents and files shared previously on the messenger.

Connecting with all the teams
This instant messaging apps for business enables you to collaborate with multiple groups, both during work hours of the organization and out of doors- all on just a single platform. You can also get company news and updates within a team and beyond that. You can discuss details concerning an on-going project on a separate team that consists of all the project team members and keeping up all other business trends with a separate team like your business peers and consultants from everywhere around the globe.

Living in a ‘Future-Ready’ Workforce
Effortless communication without any official hierarchy or physical walls coming all the way- now this is the future of team collaboration. Team instant messaging have now successfully brought the entire organization into a common platform. Whether by creating groups with those that have similar interests or directly communicating your ‘out-of-the-box-idea’ to your team lead, instant messaging apps for business let you do so. There is a high potential for all members to add to the discussion, provide unexpected ideas, experience or solutions.

Becoming an organized team
Instant team messaging for business helps you to remain close to your team mates, share specific ideas, relevant documents, and hold communication, polls and lot more. ChatOnGO permits all users to make operate or project-specific team discussion and provides applicable labels for straightforward discovery. you’ll be able to access any data or communication simply by dropping into the group discussions.

Get detailed reports

With instant messaging apps for business, you can easily access all the reports like the number of discussion teams have made, number of groups and the overall statistics right from the dashboard. You can also compare most active groups with non active groups and build a strategy around it.

Moderate and control

Best business instant messenger allows you to easily moderate who can post to the group, who are allowed to view and who are allowed to chat. ChatOnGo allows you to chat with your peers and have detailed discussions related to product queries, complaints and feedback’s.

Part of A data-driven scheme
ChatOnGo alters you to make multiple groups, leaving it doable for you to remain connected with colleagues, industry peers and experts, all on one platform. To bring other like-minded industry peers together you can create public groups or a closed, invite only team. The sheer ease of collaborating and exchanging information helps in nurturing knowledge ecosystems and fostering collaborative learning.

Collaborating seamlessly during deadlines
Project deadlines will become so much easier to handle with instant team messaging software for business. You can contact anyone from your team, organisation and vendor/client/customer circle at once. And therefore making a lot of minds collaborating create a distinction.

Allows Speedy Decision-Making
Team messaging apps have eliminated the necessity for face-to-face conferences. Instead, conferences will currently be control via group chat. This saves a massive time by creating necessary choices by utilization of the poll feature. Set reminders for necessary conferences using the reminder app. These slap-up options play a vital role in higher time utilization and enhance quick decision-making capabilities.

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