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Project management is not a walk in the park. To be able to balance the company’s business goals with customers’ requests and create effective projects that will be successful, the project manager must be both a strategist, an analyst and an administrator in one person. For an effective project management, it is now important to use a good quality project management tool.

Here are the best methods of product management that are worth using

  1. Study your company’s goals carefully

How is your company measuring success? How does the product development strategy fit in with common business goals and aspirations? Who is your ideal customer, and what need should your product satisfy? Take time to learn the most important priorities of the company’s leaders and stakeholders (including users!) And take these priorities into account whenever possible. Use team collaboration to brainstorm and come up with the best resolution considering every member’s opinion.

  1. Enter into a dialogue with team members

Team members or employees are your most important resource. Think about it: why develop a stunning project, if it is not efficiently worked on by anyone? Many of the active employees will be happy to tell you about all their opinions, and tasks they especially appreciate and use most often, and which ones are only frustrating.

Their opinions are extremely important in order to understand the true value of your project and develop an action plan for effective project management. Use project management applications to do a custom test or a short survey to understand your employee’s opinion for the product; Use the team collaboration application to create group discussions and analyze your project; And collect as many reviews as possible.

  1. Use the knowledge of specialists from different teams

Sales staff constantly interact with potential customers, and therefore they have valuable information about the situation on the market, the strengths and weaknesses of your product, as well as the problems that customers hope to solve with it. They can share all the feedback easily on the group discussion application for organisation and other teams can work accordingly

Similarly, support staff better than anyone can understand exactly how customers use your product – in fact, not in your opinion. If you sit for a while on the phone in the support service, you can learn a lot about the most common problems, complaints, and questions that your team has to answer, and understand exactly what features of your product should be given priority. The respective team can sit and work on the issue and try to avoid the occurrence of the complaints in the future.

  1. Analyze your project

Think about the projects that turned out to be super efficient. What made them so productive? How can we use it to make all our project efficient? Which process worked well for us? If you do not like something, what specifically triggered a negative reaction? Use project management tool to analyze the project and be attentive and make up your list of good ideas that you can use to inspire your own project management strategies.

  1. Plan, execute, improve

Use all the information that you have collected using project management tool and by applying the above tips to create your own long-term project concept. This will help you determine which features and capabilities need to be given special attention in the preparation of the next release, as well as defend your opinion before the top management and stakeholders.

  1. Communicate with team members using team messaging app

Joining the group discussion is a great way to stay up to date with all the current happenings in the team and the best practices, expand the network of your team and learn from experience

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