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Secured Business Communication

Whatsapp is eating up the chat and messaging market day by day bringing in new features like snapchat’s replica of temporary stories, improved UI and updated emojis. However, it is also utilized by business enterprises for business functions. No doubt this instant messaging app is abundant, quicker and economical than email and results in improved team communication and better productivity. On contrary, once deployed for business purposes, this online team messaging app have a lot of disadvantages with reference to uses cases like- knowledge protection, security, administration, system integration and support.

1. Lacks enterprise Data Protection

Whatsapp can access and store the address books of employees, consisting confidential corporate and customer data. While Whatsapp has announced an end-to-end encryption, it currently does not provide any enterprise-grade encryption. In addition, free services like Whatsapp will always require user data to make a living.

2. A mix of Private and Business Communication

For enterprises, it is crucial to separate business from private communication. An instant team messaging app like chatongo that is dedicated only to give out quicker access and gives a user-based overview of relevant information for the internal communication that increases the productivity.
Company’s confidential business information remains secure in free instant messaging for business, because it can only be shared among the team members and the content distribution is supervised by the enterprise IT. The motivation and satisfaction of employees are also improved with a professional team messaging tool, and because of this, people value a separation of private and business communication.

3. Does not provide Enterprise Administration

For a business, it is important to be able to professionally manage the users. An admin portal supports to ensure that there is an easy roll-out, company-based communication policies, transparent monitoring, simplified user management, well-managed groups, quicker support system, comprehensive access management and far a lot. These items aren’t doable with Whatsapp and thus, it needs a knowledgeable instant messaging apps for business.

4. Doesn’t defend Against knowledge Loss

In order to prevent data loss of business and other contents, for example if a mobile device is stolen or lost, enterprises require a mobile security layer. chat tools for business like chatongo support enterprise mobility management solutions and provide new-age mobile app management. These features allow to remotely delete information, block certain access, disable copying of messages and control the sharing of digital content.

5. Whatsapp Focuses on Consumer Use Cases

Whatsapp is without any doubts a amazing tool for communicating with family and friends. That is what has made the app become popular. However, in case of professionalization of messaging a lot more case studies are emerging that would require a sophisticated feature set. A lot of small business instant messaging apps provide features like calendar sharing, corporate group chats & discussions, team polls, directory access, searching for content, file sharing and so on.

6. Whatsapp Is Short of Ecosystem Integrations

While many people have understood how important “Whatsapp for Enterprise” is, for the internal business communication, less people yet to be convinced about how imoertant is the integration of a instant business messaging app into the IT ecosystem. Businesses can get automated workflows, accelerated processes, improved operational execution as well as increased productivity with an integration of e.g. ERP, CRM team, accounting team, HR team, product team and and other provisional system into enterprise team messaging.

7. Whatsapp Lacks Enterprise Support and Audit-Proof

Needless to mention businesses right away needs support if one feature isn’t operating because it ought to. Solely skilled company messaging system app services offer personalized observance and support with dedicated personnel. Besides businesses usually would like audit-proof backup and archiving practicality for compliance reasons.

Overall, Whatsapp could be a nice personal business chat app and there are several reasons why the service has been widely adopted by a large group of families and friends. However, once it involves  messaging with colleagues and groups, businesses ought to avoid all the downsides of Whatsapp and opt for a zealous enterprise messaging app like ChatOnGO.

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