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While beginning a new business is difficult, finding the correct resources are often even tougher. From funding choices to setting up team structures, from product specifications to optimizing prices- the primary few months witness complete chaos. Everything will happen on-the-fly and therefore, not each team will be able to communicate with emails and private message tools efficiently.

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Whatsapp is eating up the chat and messaging market day by day bringing in new features like snapchat’s replica of temporary stories, improved UI and updated emojis. However, it is also utilized by business enterprises for business functions. No doubt this instant messaging app is abundant, quicker and economical than email and results in improved team communication and better productivity.

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Team messengers have revolutionized work collaboration at every work place now. It is now an essential collaboration tool for every corporate team. Free instant messaging apps for business are touted as “New age workplace requirement”. It has almost replaced emails and has made the life at workplace a lot easier. However, a lot of enterprises still prefer using a traditional method of collaborating. Here are a few reasons why team messaging apps will change the game of how we collaborate at the workplace:

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The age old ‘Microsoft Office’ is the first one on our list. The application has been around for more than 25 years now and is one of the most popular applications. The application was released as a combination of Word, Excell and PowerPoint. The application underwent a lot of upgrades and changes during the 25 years reign. The recent inception of the smart phone and its popularity among the users has paved way for the application to go mobile. The downsized version of the computer application has justified the original application to a lot of extent.

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