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There are many benefits of using collaborative online tools when running projects. They allow team members to edit project files, leave feedback, comment and communicate with each other in real time (i.e. without a file that needs to be checked at the exit and the entrance, or track its versions). This ensures the maintenance of the current version, regardless of what and when it works. Although this method allows you to save a lot of time and quickly work on a project, it can become a problem if the collaboration software improperly monitors and tracks changes. When evaluating an online collaborative tool, pay attention to these key features in version control and file protection.

Unlimited number of collaborators:

Regardless of whether you represent a large or small company, one of the first questions you will ask when searching for a tool for online collaboration will be the availability of restrictions on the number of users of the product. Also an important characteristic is the availability of a limit on the number of employees simultaneously working. Team work on projects implies not only the work of full-time employees. For many project participants or team members outside the company, for example, partners, suppliers and customers, access and background information are needed to implement the project plans. It is important to understand if there are any restrictions for these users. For example, if someone who is not your employee is making changes to the file, find out if you should not pay for using the tool at the same time. There should also be a function to control the viewing or editing of data by employees. The software you choose for online collaboration should consider all users, no matter where they are.

Track changes made by different people:

At the present, for team work, many people simultaneously work on one project plan or files under the project. In this case, two people can make changes to one section. The team collaboration tool allows each user working on the file to see where another user is making changes, even if they are doing it simultaneously. What happens when a team member is working on a file offline? When you switch to an online environment, the file should show the changes that were made in the offline mode and the author of the changes should be displayed, and the file should be automatically synchronized to the latest version.

Identify the types of users who can overwrite changes:

When several people work on a plan or file on a project, anything can happen. Sometimes the project owner may disagree with all the changes made and may want to cancel them or go back to the previous version. Perhaps the project manager will want to include a section removed from the third version of the file. At the same time, finding the version and aligning it with the document should not be a difficult task. When overwriting changes, pay attention to the lock function, which makes the last version really final.

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