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Do you like your team chats just as you like your coffee – filtered? Then Chat on go is an app designed especially for users like you. With COG, you can avoid useless messages by applying filters. Currently, the team messaging app offer filters like:

  • Time filter: Here you can filter messages as per the dates or a particular time period.
  • Category filter: The messages tagged under a category will appear all at once.
  • Member filter: All the messages from a team member will show up, using this filter.

Now, let’s look at benefits of filtered messages in team messaging apps:

It reduces data volumes and server-load time

It is very difficult to go through all the messages sent in group discussions especially in the case of larger teams. It takes a lot of time to load all the data in the group. Also, it sometimes becomes spammy and difficult to deal with. The best solution to this is using time filter – you can see all the messages between the desired timeframe. This will help in lesser volume as well as the server will load faster than ever.

Look only for relevant messages

If you want to look at a particular topic instead of scrolling through all the messages, you can just apply category filter. All the messages marked under that category will appear and you can quickly read all the chats related to that topic.

Saves time and increases efficiency

Filtering messages in a team messaging tools can help save a lot of time and give out relevant information without endless scrolling. It narrows down all your searches thus saving a lot of time that you can utilize in other productive activities. Using member filter, you can filter out all the messages from a particular member.

Bulk actions

While using team messaging app in a business, you might want to perform certainly actionable tasks that consumes a lot of time if performed one by one. That is why team messaging app can help carrying out bulk actions like deleting a thread.

If you want to delete all the messages between two particular dates, by a member or a category, you can simply apply the filter and delete them all. You can also address discussions happening on a topic, between a certain time period or by a member by filtering and reading chat relating to the topic.

Measure participation of members

Tracking participation of a member can give a tough time sometimes. If you want to track the member-wise participation of a team in group discussions and decision making, member filtering feature comes as a savior. All you have to do is to apply member filter and you will see all the activities sent by that particular member. This, however, can help either way – you can track which member is sending all the junk messages and address the issue personally.

It is not only enterprise team messaging app that makes life at work much simpler, filters in messaging are the cherry on top. A lot of companies has found filtered messages their key to productivity. It not only enhances the user experience of a member but also the efficiency and quality of work.

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