How To Choose A Team Collaboration Tool That Supports All Communication Methods

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When it comes to teamwork, communication plays a critical role. It is important that the decision that you choose corresponds to the form of business communication between you and your team. Some groups work with the help of messaging service, while others are forced to wait their turn to make a call and discuss the difficulties of the project. There are also those who prefer to attend meetings to maintain interest from other participants in the conference.

Understanding the communication options listed below will help you choose the right software for your team’s collaboration.

Search for complex messaging systems:

Collaboration does not always mean the simultaneous work of two or more employees over the same issue. Often a document or file is created and must be coordinated with all the other members of the group. In this case, team messaging tool is very helpful in speeding up the process. Users who view the file is able to leave comments in it. You also need the function of sending messages in private or group mode. In addition to the ability to insert messages into separate files, instant messaging support is integrated into the online collaboration tool. Regardless of which program (free instant messaging program or program installed by the IT department), sending instant messages is a simple and effective way to communicate in the workplace.

Confirmation of the possibility of personal conversation:

Often, a project is performed only by two or more teams who develop the concept for subsequent discussion by the whole group. The online collaboration tool that you choose should presume this type of communication. It allows two or more employees to work together on the file and simultaneously conduct an interactive conversation about it, using the preferred type of messages (audio, video or online chat), which will improve productivity. In addition, in some cases, it may be necessary to limit the participation in the conversation to few of the members of the group. Therefore, an important aspect is the availability of privacy and access settings can be changed if necessary.

Understand the requirements for team messaging application:

Understand what the team is looking for from the enterprise team messaging tool and if it solves quality problems typical when using team collaboration tools. If a lot of people working on one file participate in the conversation, it would be useful to use the function of simultaneous viewing and commenting. Remember that the transfer of video can create a significant load on the network. If this aspect is important to you, make sure that the network of your company and the remote employees who will use this solution have sufficient bandwidth to effectively cope with the task.

Storing the archives of negotiations on the project in one place:

One of the latest trends in the online collaboration software is the archiving of all project negotiations in one place. It can be presented in the form of easiest messaging application. Instead of inviting people to comment on events and evaluate individual messages, team members will have a similar messaging center for a particular project.

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