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The introduction of a team collaboration tool in the workplace has so many advantages. It can improve productivity, help employees work more efficiently, want more? Collaborative tools can help improve team’s communication. But sometimes adding additional tools comes with a lot of research, especially when it comes to online collaboration software.The simplicity of the instrument plays a decisive role in the process of its adoption for use in the workplace. Usually, company employees are busy, and they do not have free time to learn new tools from scratch. And if a new tool is not easy to master or use heavily, they can abandon it, and your efforts will be useless. However, if the new online collaboration software has a familiar interface, it is easy to learn and use, the adaptation will be faster.

1.    Choose a product with a simple and intuitive interface:
Look for a team collaboration app that has an intuitive interface, familiar and easy to navigate. Also, the solution should not be either very complicated or too simple. It must correspond to the working method of each employee. In addition, the tool should be integrated into the environment and support the work of other programs or methods already in use. If the program is difficult to use, your organization’s employees may not accept it.

2.    Choose collaboration tool with workflow management functions:
Collaborative tools are not only commenting on individual moments, it also includes organization of work. The online collaboration software you choose should help automate workflows. It should help to share multiple files or documents, take up surveys and manage deadlines, and also process information using task management functions.

3.    Look for a product that provides a digital working space for brainstorming:
Many wonderful ideas are born during a brainstorming session. In a modern work environment where people can work from home or be in different offices around the world, putting together all together before the lecture whiteboard is a rather difficult task. The good news is that with the right choice of a tool for online collaboration, you can collect all together in front of a virtual whiteboard. After all, the essence of teamwork lies in people, not in their whereabouts.

4.    Learn more about the type of mobile technology support provided:
Thanks to smartphones, tablets, and the Wi-Fi network, people do not stop working even when they are away from computers. Many employees want to be able to use their mobile devices to check project data on the go. It is necessary to take into account the availability of support for mobile devices. In addition, that the software must be compatible or include mobile applications for Windows Phone, Apple iOS, and Android, it is necessary to inquire about the presence of any restrictions. For example, will group members view changes in the document, or will they be able to add comments when using the mobile version of the application?

5.    Make sure that this tool works on different platforms:
Often, a single workplace uses several computer platforms. Designers can work on a Mac and a business team on a PC. Also, it is necessary to take into account employees who work remotely full-time or overtime. Their home platform can be radically different from the one they use at work. The online collaboration software you choose should work well on all platforms: Mac, PC, and even Linux (if that platform is also part of your work environment). The solution, which is initially compatible with various operating systems (OS), is likely to be scalable and will be able to support future OS updates.

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