How To Use Team Planning Tools That Will Help To Match The Project Schedule

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Planning is the key to the success of any project. In addition to meeting deadlines, it can also be a useful tool for team members who will help in managing the work. Collaboration consists not only in viewing files and making changes or comments in real time, but also in joint responsibility for the final results. If employees can update the status of their tasks, this will save time in project management, and each of them will be aware of the status of the project. All this is possible when working with team collaboration app, in real time, when everyone is aware of what is happening.

1. Create task lists with the team planning tool:

To track all the elements of the project, the online collaboration software you choose must have the function of creating task lists. This is more than just a long list of necessary things. When creating task lists, start by analyzing the potential results of the project and assigning the staff responsible for performing each task. Look for such a tool for online collaboration, in which performers can assign tasks along with execution dates and subtasks, and which has the function of attaching files to a specific task.

2. Schedules and track several tasks at the same time:

A project usually consists of many elements and dependencies. It is in this case that planning is a key factor. It’s one thing to mark the deadlines and tasks in the calendar, and it’s quite another to track them and work in an automated environment that helps employees meet the deadlines. The online collaboration software you choose should allow you to monitor the status of the tasks and milestones of the project, and send automatic reminders or notifications to members of the group as the deadline approaches or in the event of a mismatch of any item with the schedule.

3.    Get real-time status with team management tool:

With the help of chatongo, one can get a visual representation of whether the tasks are performed in the correct order, whether deadlines are observed, whether all dependencies are presented and whether something is out of sight. Depending on the project requirements, you can also use the function to send notifications and reminders to certain team members. As for teamwork, the tool helps in displaying the state of a particular project and its position in the workflow.

4. Integrate with calendar to meet deadlines:

Once tasks are assigned, milestones and deadlines are set, one of the simplest ways to display all this information is the calendar. There is no sense to reinvent the wheel. Look for this solution, which uses a standard calendar view, familiar to employees. In addition, it would be nice if the tasks for team members are also displayed in their individual calendars. Many programs are integrated with existing calendar applications, such as Google, Outlook, and iCal, and are able to automatically add appointments and meetings to these applications.

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