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Dropping the age old e-mails: – E-mails have been the official communication tool for quite a long time now. Almost in every office/corporate or any kind of official environment communication is carried out through e-mails.

The Problem with e-mails is that it is easy to overlook them. E-mails quite often are overlooked by people and don’t get response as expected. The other problem with e-mails is that they could be reported as spam as well.

Getting the Team-chat replacement: – Since there were no direct replacements for the traditional e-mails in the earlier years, sticking to the e-mail was the only option. In recent times there have been some major players that have tried to change the way an official communication is carried out. There are applications like Chatongo that have tried making things simpler for the employees. Where the employees can keep a track of their daily work and can stay updated with the deadlines of their work.

Keeping track of the employee duties/records made easy:-

The chat applications available in the market also provide features like keeping track of everyday tasks, time, deadlines, work hours, leaves and so on. This makes it easy for the seniors to keep a watch on the employees without even physically being present in the corridors of the office.

The CEO doesn’t always have to be present in the office premises to keep a record of the company’s growth and the employee’s records.

The polling system:-

Some of these applications also feature the polling system. These polling systems let the seniors/other employees rate their colleagues and measure how they are effective to the growth of the company. The Polls also suggest fair results for every employees. Every employee can give his/her opinion about the other colleague and thus making it a fair game when it comes to promotion and appraisals.

Direct contact with all employees:-

The biggest issue faced between the employees and their seniors is the communication gap. This is because of the lack of options. This is where the chat applications come in handy. These applications allow the seniors to directly contact their employees through personal messages or direct messaging features. In the case of emails it is not possible as e-mails can get missed or spammed creating a communication error or gap.

These applications are surely helping out in making it easy for the employees and the seniors alike to keep track of their daily duties. These applications might not be popular as of now but will surely gain some popularity in the future. All in all these applications have the capability to replace the e-mailing system and might help in resolving the age old employee and boss conflicts to some extent.






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