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Distance is no longer a hindrance to team work. Tools for team collaboration allow you to organize work with colleagues who are a thousand kilometers away. Enterprise collaboration apps help us to have access to information at the right time and in the right place. Offline communication for some reasons is facing some problems that plague us in physical workplaces. Important messages that were lost in the stack of documents now await their turn in the incoming mail. Urgent data, gathering dust in the archives, are duplicated in digital copies, but are buried under a chaotic structure of folders and files. There are still misunderstandings, they still do not find their recipients feedback and tasks, and to get at least an approximate idea of ​​the operational data, we continue to make complex calculations and constantly update our spreadsheets.

Collaboration tools are designed to enable your team to take advantage of the real-time interaction, while overcoming the usual confusion that accompanies communication via email, instant messaging and through tables. So what can you do to increase the productivity of your team with such tools?

  1. Improve the quality

Working alone, you are dealing with a single set of ideas – your own. Working with a team, you can draw ideas from the collective mind from the members, choose the best and test for strength different plans in search of an optimal solution. Team collaboration tools are an excellent place to “gather ideas”: each participant in the project is free to leave suggestions without preliminary discussion (and not waiting for brainstorming sessions that are usual in such situations) and use the materials left by colleagues. Having considered all possible approaches, the team can immediately begin work to translate the chosen idea into reality. Important thoughts do not disappear in the mailboxes of incoming mail, and the risk of not accidentally hearing someone’s opinion disappears by itself.

  1. Fasten process

Team collaboration application place all resources, all ideas and all participants in one common environment. Your team does not need to waste time searching for e-mails with important attachments, waiting for updates and confirmations and chasing along the corridors for the right specialist. Each part of the project, from the initial plan to the final version, can be created and completed in a single center with round-the-clock access so that your colleagues can use the working information from anywhere, wherever they are caught up with a new idea. Your team gets the opportunity to work at a convenient time and from a convenient place, without waiting for the established start of the working day or the next scheduled personal meeting to do something.

  1. Strengthen responsibility

If you are aiming for high-performance teams, you already know that the most important factor in the progress of the project is the public responsibility. When an employee writes reports and tells others what he does, the probability of achieving the goal is increased by 33%. Thanks to the tools for teamwork, members of your team can do their job in everyone’s mind, so sharing results, asking for help, and organizing the most transparent environment becomes easier than ever. In addition, when all participants know not only their own, but also everyone else’s area of responsibility and this saves you from accidental double work.

  1. Encourage Innovation

The old adage that two heads are better than one is still true. Tools for teamwork allow you to look around and discover unknown projects that your colleagues are working on, and this, in turn, provides food for ideas and plans for the future. “I see that my colleague is engaged in a new interesting functional … And what if we use it in another project? I will propose this idea for consideration.” Collaboration tools provide access to information that feeds creative thought every day without inspiring moments of inspiration in the framework of weekly meetings and occasional conversations during breaks.

Also, your ideas are freed from the limitations of the organizational hierarchy. Visibility at the company level means that proposals can come not only from management but from all other employees. Important thoughts that could have been lost forever in the archives or not even reached the stage of formal filing, now find their place in the group discussions and are considered according to their value, and not at the whim of top managers.

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