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Conducting polls at a workplace helps you in gauging employee behavior and ideologies about your organization. From the leadership qualities to the business environment, from employee satisfaction to compensation and benefits program everything could be measured. The advantages of conducting these polls in the workplace are that the results will give you a detailed picture of the thoughts and feelings of different teams in your organization.

This, however, is not easy without using team messenger app like chat on go. Conducting polls using enterprise tool for team messaging can help you achieve following benefits:

New Ideas

When you ask employees for their opinions and concerns on a team messaging poll tool, it can hold the advantage of initiating new business ideologies and perception at an organization. An introverted employee might feel a lot more comfortable while sharing their opinion and ideas through the team messaging poll feature, and those employees who into developing business concepts and modules that may be counted as unconventional can also be urged to put forth their opinions more proactively.


The poll format in team messaging tools is versatile enough that it can be utilized to measure numerous things in the team at your workplace. For example, a poll that focuses mainly on employee satisfaction can help the managers determine the metrics of what would make an employee satisfied and unsatisfied in their positions, whereas an opinion poll in team messenger can help business gauging the opinion of an employee with respect to an organization’s  operational policy and procedures.


If any team member is feeling intimidated, undermined or taken advantage of by their seniors or peers, he might as well be not comfortable voicing his problems face to face. A team messaging poll that invites people to voice workplace issues can also have the benefit of noticing underlying issues that might hold potentials that can harm the business.


If you conduct an enterprise messaging poll at your workplace, you can send the message to different teams that you are willing to know the opinions from and that their opinion is important to your organization. The process holds the benefit of stronger employee morale, particularly when the suggestions are made via group discussion applications for the enterprise. It will be easier for employees to understand why they have a put forth their opinion in how the business runs and also it can lead to stronger loyalty and substantial drop in turnover.


Some employees might be reluctant to discuss their side of feelings about their jobs for might fear that they will be criticized, dismissed or expelled. Positive advantage of an anonymous polls on team messaging app is that it allows you to be honest and insightful and give feedbacks about topics employees may not be comfortable sharing with you face to face. This happens especially in a valuable situations like when a poll would ask pointed survey questions and provides a field for employees to widen their response and comments in a detailed manner.

Reduced Turnover

Conducting polls during their exit interviews or when any employee terminates from a particular position is helpful for an organization to understand the factors involving the decision of the resignation. This moreover has an advantage of helping the organization to reduce turnover in coming years. For instance, before an employee exits, they tell you that t hey are leaving because of finding the potential for growth, you might consider to add cross-training and mentoring for all the employees that are interested in self-development under certain topics from the industry. If the resigning employee informs you that they are leaving because they felt that their work was not valued enough, you can start instituting monthly or yearly employee award and recognition systems in the coming years in order to show your employees that they are equally important.


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