How Quantitative Polls Can Lead To Decision Making

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All the leaders and managers love it when everybody from the team to gets actively involved in the decision making the process of their department or team. But, if you approach every single worker in your department, the process will take forever to end. Psst, we know how unproductive team meetings are! That is why team messaging app chatongo understands how important it is to bring in a feature like quantitative team messaging polls.

There are plenty of advantages favoring the involvement of workers in plans and strategies of your company or department. It can range from analysis of workers, satisfaction surveys, and more. Following are six of the crucial benefits of using the poll for decision making:

The associates feel as a valued a part of the team.

As far as the associates are concerned within the decision-making process, they feel that the folks hold an important role in company’s management system. This makes them a big contributor towards the team’s success. Once the associate feel valued, they’re going to sometimes raise their level of hard work and commitment they put in, to benefit the company’s success.

The staff can put maximum focus on future-oriented strategies instead of just blaming their current issues on organization/management.

The staff that is not bothered enough to be a part of decision-making have co-authored some laid-back comments like, “It wasn’t really my call,” “Whose good plan was this?” or “This plan will take years.” All of those comments symbolize two things:

  1. The employee does not fully agree with the decision and
  2. When the strategy goes wrong because the team is not involved in any of the decision making processes to draw success, the team will definitely have someone to blame.


The employees tend to make efficient day to day choices

Since all the correct info concerning the direction of the company or department are with the employees, they tend to make better everyday decisions. When team leaders and managers do not share info or get the employees involved in their decisions, receive a lot of complaints related to admin and other daily activities. It is always a smart decision to involve them in decision making and smarter if you conduct polls using team messaging apps.

Team motivation and morale is more where the whole team has active participation in the organization’s decision making.

If the team is involved in the planning and decision making, they will know that they can make a difference towards the success of any department or company. If people realize, that they make a difference, it is easier for them to be motivated and happy with their job. Plus, team messaging tools for business helps the team not to be distracted and waste a lot of time for the decision making requirement.


Workers feel a stronger bond of responsibility for making decisions.

Once you are liable for making a choice, it might as well turn out to be a foul one. You will do everything it takes to make it work – you’ll to rectify the choice or make new decisions. Similarly, for the workers, once they are concerned about making a tough decision, the probabilities of the choice being successful increases because all the team members are committed to correcting the components of the choice that aren’t in alignment with organizational vision mission and values. To make the process quicker, add 5 points agree/disagree polls on enterprise messaging app.

It reduces up an employer’s time in contributing to the success of their department in other areas.

When the team members are able to plan and execute that impact their work, it will free up the employer’s time and can be dedicated to focusing on other future-oriented issues which can ultimately make the organization even more successful. With Chatongo, you can involve all your team members in a single team group discussion forum – this will save a lot of time.

Involving in decision making is risky, but totally worth it. Results – a team that is committed, dedicated, and yield greater results… Not only in quality but in profits than a team of workers who are not taking part. Plus, with team messaging tools, it is a lot more manageable and quicker. The long term results will be satisfactory. Go for it!

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