How Scheduling Messages Can Increase Team Engagement

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Message scheduling is the best method of interacting with your employees at work. It is suitable for all the industries, for example, retail businesses, restaurants, hotels, motels, and other businesses involving in real estate, hospitality and food service industries, and so on. Whatever your needs may be, Employee Scheduling software can accommodate them.

Stop using time-consuming methods of team messaging, and start with smart ways of communicating with your employees! Experience all of the scheduler benefits ChatOnGo has to offer!

Send messages to your team when they are most likely to open it

It is simpler to stay up to date on your team’s inbox when you schedule your messages. Even if you are trying to reach out to a person for the very first time and are not sure of their calendar schedule, it is more likely to happen that they open your message if it arrives at a particular time of the day. (It is noted that majority of users open their messages at the highest rate earlier at the crack of the dawn, or later in the evening.) Also, scheduling gives you the benefit of working with the time zone differences in case your company has international branches. This allows you to time your messages whenever they are most likely to open your messages, despite the receiver’s location. Along with insights, testing different team messaging schedules gives you more metrics and opportunities to improve your overall performance of the team (this is particularly useful for an organization with multiple teams using the team messaging app).

Avoid the hesitation of clicking send

We often find ourselves in a situation where the current situation comes in the way of sending out a particular message. You may receive some message and have your reply ready as well, but you do not want to look like you are eager by replying right away. Moreover, you could be working till late hours, and do not want your team to be bothered or read the message’s time stamp as 3:05 AM when your recipient opens your message in the team messaging app. Whatever may be your reason, you can easily avoid the hesitation when you can easily schedule all your team messages for next morning. Also, now you will not forget to send a saved draft that you wrote for later and forgot to send. Ever!

Working on schedule that works best for you

If you are aware of your team’s schedule, you can enjoy all the more benefits of scheduling messages to the team. You can know your team leader or any recipient is in a meeting or busy with something else, and you want them to receive the message later in the day when the meeting is over or when they hold a good chance of fully read it. Moreover, if your team is busy at a conference and you want them to receive an update later in the evening after you have signed out of office. You can not only be most productive on your scheduling but also can also now flaunt how you easily accommodate your receivers.

Scheduling can improve morale

Scheduling lets you always acknowledge your team’s idle time and snooze sending unimportant messages during non-busy hours. Whether they check the message during this time or not, but they will more likely receptive to messages that are received during work hours. You also get to enjoy the benefit of being able to send a message anytime that’s convenient for you.

The luxury of flexibility

Scheduling on team messenger can make your entire schedule more flexible. Once you schedule a message with a team messenger like ChatOnGo, it appears in its folder, right up until the scheduled message is delivered. You can easily click and edit your drafts to change messages whenever required, suitable for both you and your recipients. Of course, if there’s a need, you can send your update immediately with just a single click.  One of the other benefits is that you are far enough from forgetting to attach a file. Happens often, Right?

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