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Imagine working on launching a new product, the developers of which are in one country, the engineers in another, and the sales group in other. Make sure that all project participants understand what is happening and have access to the newest files that may seem difficult given the difference in location and in time.

With the online collaboration software, as well as its workflow management capabilities and access to the latest version of the files in real time, you can do the work any time of the day.

What is the online collaboration software?

There are so many software applications for working together online: from simple instant messaging to conference calls with a telephone connection or video conference. Some applications include only one of these functions, and others – a few.

Choosing a right tool for you.

The online collaboration software is used not only by companies whose employees work in different places. It is also a valuable tool in any other type of activity for which efficiency and efficiency need to be improved. But how to choose a right tool for teamwork in your organization among so many options?

Conduct a small survey within your organization

Despite the fact that the choice of team messaging tools is quite wide, choosing the right program can be a difficult task. To narrow the search, conduct a small survey in your company to get a better idea of ​​how employees will use the online collaboration software. Start by defining the type of projects for which the program will be used. Communicate with people who will use the program, and find out how they conduct the workflow and communicate with the project. What steps will the project include? How many people work on it? How many departments? What content will be used? Some employees will prefer to store discussions in a centralized location, while others will only want to be able to comment on specific files.

Understand the work style

During the study, meet with the owners or project managers to learn more about their work style preferences and the current mode of interaction between team members during teamwork. What communication and tracking tools do they use? Where do they store files on the project? How would they like to work? This will give you the correct understanding of the type of functions that will benefit your company as much as possible.

Make a list of applications you are already using

In addition, make a list of applications that are often used in the company. This will allow you to make sure that the online collaboration software you choose will be integrated with those applications that are actively used at the moment. First of all, find out whether the chosen program really helps automate the work of your team.

Now that you have a better idea of ​​what is worth exploring and what to look for when choosing a corporate online collaboration tool, start the search by deciding which functions are the most important. Do not make this list alone. In the end, this program is created to help people work together. Involve other employees in decision-making, ask their opinion about the process, which would simplify the work with colleagues, as well as the applications and types of files that they currently use. When compiling the list, arrange the items in order of importance. This will help you determine the aspects that should be taken into account during the research.

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