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While beginning a new business is difficult, finding the correct resources are often even tougher. From funding choices to setting up team structures, from product specifications to optimizing prices- the primary few months witness complete chaos. Everything will happen on-the-fly and therefore, not each team will be able to communicate with emails and private message tools efficiently. In this quick paced business world, as a business, one has to invent a charming potion to bring order to tame the chaos. A brilliant elixir to this situation is deploying tools for easy mechanism and to obtain activities efficient and productive.

Managing a startup comes with a price. It is difficult to personally inform everyone about the current happenings. Also, handling multiple clients and vendors is unmanageable. Long email trails can make someone miss out important information or deadlines. Plus you might not know how secure your work data is. Only an enterprise messaging tool for startups can help you sort these problems all at once- eg. Chat on go.

To make it easier for you, here are the top 5 reasons you must befriend Chat on go at work, particularly in your startup business:

To make sure everyone are on the same wavelength

Get everyone aligned about the current happenings all at once. With enterprise messaging tool for startups like Chat on go, one can now initiate numerous group discussions, brainstorm from anywhere and anytime, take quick surveys using the poll feature and ditch the necessity for face to face conferences altogether.

Working smarter and quicker with vendors and clients

Phone calls, Email, and other different old school communication techniques can be time-consuming, guaranteed to miss plots and delay target dates. With Chat on go, an enterprise messaging tool for startups, you’ll be able to invite your vendors or clients on board and notify your team to interact directly with them. Any feedback, approval or decision will be a lot more easy and a speedy process.

Staying sharp on schedule

With a team messaging tool for startups, you will not miss a single thing. Prioritizing and being organized will become way simpler just by setting some actionable tasks and setting reminders for the same. Whenever a task is complete or target date of a particular task is approaching, Chat on go will make sure to notify you with the push notification feature.

All the crucial data at a single place

With Chat on go, you can integrate all the files that are used often and get notified in Chat on go itself. Say goodbye to frequent switching between different tools for the activities to get streamlined. Team messaging tool for startups will also help you retrieve old data from the history so that you never miss important data.

In case of your start-up business, choose the platforms that are secure

The needs of a start-up will be ever growing; Whatsapp, iMessage and other similar messaging apps may not make a good cut for a start-up business. On the other hand, Chat on go is specially built right from the scratch to serve work communication and collaboration needs of a startup company. The highest level of security is maintained and a usage of industry’s best methods for data encryption during transit is applied to and from enterprise messaging app for startup.

Thus, with this easy and simple team messaging app for startups known as chat on go, you can easily tackle startup issues and keep minor startup-related problems at a bay. Startups across the country, have now begun to adopt Chat on go at their workplaces because of its user-friendly and easy availability across different mediums. With team messaging applications for startup, you can avoid problems like these, and use your time and resources to concentrate on other important problems and manage your startup business more efficiently.

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