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Is your organization still using emails and other old school tools for team communication? Or are you limiting your team messaging app only to your tech team or tech related discussions?

Then it’s about time you should undergo a little modification in your enterprise. It only takes an easy user interface and multi featured tool like Chatongo to boost the team potency and productivity. Additionally, it also helps in developing team spirit and makes the work place fun and easy!

Utilizing team chat for businesses for different teams:

The advent of enterprise group chatting and team collaboration software has led to a convincing substitution of old school email, primarily through group chats and discussions. Structured teams like Operations, R&D, client Support are exploring the benefits that these apps offer. With dynamical work cultures in business enterprises, easy tasks like team messaging, group discussions, file sharing, conducting polls and managing tasks with to-do’s and reminders, everything is out there on the go with chat on go. And yet, it’s simply the tip of the iceberg because the usability of enterprise team messaging tool is simply restricted by your imagination!
So, here’s a listicle on how team communication apps can be utilized in different teams across organizations which will maximize the potential of free group chatting tool.

Human Resources

Your HRD team can do their job 90% quicker with immediate and ‘on the go’ resolutions to problems. This can holistically help team in quicker decision-making. As a concern of hiring processes, instant messaging for business enterprises offers one platform for immediate resolution of contradicting opinions. Team chat tools additionally facilitate direct group conversations and ensure that all the necessary information and discussions are not lost in transit. You furthermore might get to get in touch with groups across countries if your business moves beyond the boundaries. You can retrieve necessary information instantly and promote active engagement at anytime, anywhere.

IT team

IT team can utilize enterprise team chat tools to maximize their performance by obtaining instant notifications of system breakdowns, software problems with group discussion for quicker resolution. Team members can utilize enterprise messaging app to manage the turn around time with ease. They can use it for easy ideation and execution, collating information from relevant groups, collaborating with lot of external vendors and agencies for instant approval.

Marketing and sales

The marketing and Sales team’s biggest trump card would be the elimination of lengthy and tedious email threads. Employing a free team chatting app also will enable group brainstorming, shorter process of sharing feedbacks, and instant approval from vendors. Most enterprise chat applications such as chat on go additionally allow you to conduct chat polls, and conduct online group discussions on the go. Moreover, you can also share progress reports, review deadlines and targets, and take measures to resolve it. Your marketing and sales group can invite external vendors or clients and get in touch with them whenever required.

Operations team

The operations team can get their hands on the free team messaging application for business to collaborate with multiple suppliers and vendors on just one platform. They will have an advantage of managing invoices and bills, improved coordination across other teams, easy tracking and management of purchase and orders, and quicker approval and execution.

Design and development team

Designing and Development team can easily design and develop a particular product or service a lot quicker with a team collaboration tool. Since these apps enable sharing of code-snippets, mocks and wireframes, also as external app integrations, it helps in instant approval on designs and features. The biggest purpose of a team messaging app is that the team saves greatly on time as the team doesn’t have to be compelled to switch between multiple apps. The app additionally permits you to set reminders for target dates, assigning to-dos and even receive notifications from external apps.

Therefore, team messaging apps can be used for the teams beyond the tech team. With an simple, productive way to discuss, team-mates can stay connected, and co-ordinate across multiple devices.

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