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  • Keeping a track of attendance was a big task for the colleges with students coming with better ideas to cheat the system.
  • There was a lack of effective ways of class participation, especially from the ones who usually shy away.
  • The professors relied on google forms to collect data which was a bit cumbersome and did not allow instant reports.
  • The college needed to improve its teaching method to have better learning experience better.


  • The smart message feature was made to collect information to make collecting information easier.
  • Instant reports could be generated on the app to see the data what was collected.
  • Add a new discussion feature allowed students to share doubts and discuss about them at length.


  • The attendance issue was solved as teachers would post a smart message for taking attendance and closing it after a 5-minute window and then comparing the number of responses with the number present in the class.
  • This platform allowed the students to conduct healthy discussions about academics.
  • It was not only easy to see the data collected for class participation but it also allowed them to see who had not replied.
  • Improved learning experience at the college was observed.
  • Giving assignments was easier as it could be done with ease anywhere and anytime.
  • The professors could share assessments of different components with students allowing them to improve themselves.


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