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  • Most of the informal communication was done on chat apps not designed for Business Communication.
  • Use of social media tools left some leeway for information leakages when highly sensitive information was being communicated.
  • There was no tool to monitor and streamline the formal and informal flow of information within the organisation.
  •  Task management posed a challenge as there was no efficient tool to assign and track tasks to their deadlines.
  • RSBL required a platform for communication that would exclusively serve them leaving no scope for information leakages.


  • The app designed to streamline business communication could allow them to monitor everything going on in the app.
  • ChatOnGo for Business gives the entire control of the platform in the Owner’s hands.
  • The app provider not only allows the app to be customized to some extent but also offers White-Labelling services.
  • The Smart Message feature allows to collect information on real time and track the organisation’s progress.
  • ChatOnGo app included an efficient task management tool that helped keeping track of deadlines.
  • The unlimited group size abolishes the requirement of conveying information to several groups for one single task.


  • RSBL could not only monitor the information flow but also control the audience of any information on the app.
  • RSBL chose the White Label service to get an exclusive platform just for themselves.
  • Admins of the group could not just add anyone without anyone knowing; removing scope for corporate espionage.
  • ChatOnGo solved the problem of inability to track tasks and deadlines with its task management tool.
  • Smart Messages not only allowed information to be collected in real time, it also saved the time by allowing the message to be posted on a periodic basis.
  • The customizable app added an accountancy feature to RSBL’s White Label app making everything easier for the company.
  • Visible Hawthorne effect: Performance of employees improved when they knew their performance was being monitored.


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