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  • Data of MR’s visits are not available real time.
  • Difficult to co-ordinate with geographically dispersed team.
  • No track on MR’s locations.
  • Escalations or red flags related to field issues are not raised immediately.
  • The efficiency of contact with the influencers (doctors, pharmacists).
  • Sales representatives are haphazardly allotted drug samples across various departments.


  • The smart message feature made it absolutely easy to dissipate and collect information.
  • Tracking feature kept a track on the location of the medical represantatives.
  • The customisable app left room for more features that could be made to fit the industry.


  1. Control over who sees the information: No information leakage.
  2. Two-way communication between the sales team and the management simplified.
  3. Sorting the workforce, a cakewalk for the organisation.
  4. Designated department groups targeting specialisation specific physicians (such as cardiologists, dermatologists etc.).
  5. Sales Reps are allotted to specific category that they have ample knowledge about.
  6. Better departmental and geographical data help analyse the need for promotional offers.
  7. Immediate corrective actions could be planned and implemented in case of Red Flags.
  8. Time management became more channelized and specific: for tasks and meetings.


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