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The backbreaking competition among corporates today is only increasing every second. People would go to any extent to succeed. Even if it means getting ahead of your competitors the wrong way. Instances of information leakages and corporate espionage are increasing by the day. It is only up to you to save yourself when your competitor doesn’t have any morals. You need to protect the sensitive information of your organisation.

ChatOnGo for Business makes sure your communication platform is safe and secure. The Enterprise social network ensures that information leakages are prevented at all costs. That is why it gives you all the control; because who can know what to protect from whom better than you! This corporate chat app will truly surprise you with the potential it has.

Whenever you add a new discussion, you decide who the audience of the message should be. Apart from that, only the admins and owners of the app can see the data collected from Smart Messages. Others would have to answer to see the data and even that can only happen when you allow it.

Privacy Control at Every Step

Even the Intercom Groups are there so that information is limited to a set of employees. Only you as the Owner of the app can pick who are the other owners or who the admins are. ChatOnGo for Business was tailored to prevent information leakages (as much as possible). You leave no leeway for information leakages when you subscribe to this secure business chat app. This subscription based platform for corporates is worth every penny you pay for it.


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