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The data that is collected through smart messages can be assembled. All at one place to generate metrics of the information collected. It can give you even the collated reports for any period since the origin of that message in case of scheduled messages. This allows you to see the variation in data in the past. This data can be used to predict the data for future. Hence, making it easier for you to design a business strategy.

The example of hospitality industry seems to fit here appropriately. When you are in-charge of a chain of Hotels across the entire State. You need to have a strategy to maximise your profits! Forecasting is of big help in such cases. Opportunity cost is incurred when the hotel room reservations are cancelled last minute (even when the money for the booking is non-refundable).

Improve your Future Performance with Past Data

Moreover, more revenue can be generated on a cancelled booking if the room is occupied. The optimum number of bookings that should be allowed can be forecasted looking at past trends. You can even know which days the business is slow. Consequently, you know when to offer discounts to fill up the rooms. Consequently, data forecasting is very useful in giving you the optimum number. The data would let you know about how much overbooking is feasible.

While ChatOnGo for Business will let you get you get easy access to the data. It will also make you help you improve. If scheduled message is collecting data for vacancies in specific areas in hotels. It will allow you to get data from as back as to the origin of the scheduled message.  Also, this will allow you to identify the pain points. Hence, allowing you to focus on improving certain problem areas.


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