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Smart Message is that revolutionary feature in the ChatOnGo app that would make communication gaps a thing of past. ChatOnGo gives you a smart tool to engage the whole team for collecting information in an effective manner. The smart message lets you conduct polls and collect data in any form that you please to. All because of its multiple options designed for the purpose. Consequently, you get data on real time basis sans any delay. In addition, the app lets you generate reports instantly on the data you collect. Isn’t it amazing? This team collaboration tool won’t cease to surprise you (pleasantly, of course!).

A Smart Feature in a Smart App

Frustrated by posting the same message regularly to collect data? Smart Message has a solution to this as well. The Scheduled Message option is the key to the solution. Now, you can schedule messages to recur on a periodic basis, be it daily, weekly or monthly! But this isn’t all, you can generate COMBINED METRICS for this. So, you can view the data in a collated form to view past trends and predict future ones through the data.

Here is a scenario, you manage a chain of hotels. You need to maximise profits by forecasting the number of overbookings feasible. Using smart message, you ask for the number of vacant rooms every day from every hotel to collect data. Everything is on your tips, every kind of information you require to improve the business for your hotels. Finally, just one team collaboration tool feature to rule them all!

From maintenance issues to the ambience of the hotel, you can collect data to realise the need to improve on different aspects. And you can schedule them daily instead of posting them again and again. Just one feature making your life easier by making the task of monitoring the business spread in various cities a cakewalk.


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