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Tired of your screen filling up with tonnes of messages that make no sense? ChatonGo for Business will go to all lengths just to make sure that your work life is clutter free. When you type a message, you can tag your post to a category. Tag Category option is there to ensure you get relevant messages in instances where searching keywords fail.

It is quite common to write short forms and ask for meetings but never mentioning the context. Consequently, it makes it difficult for you to find such messages? You don’t need to rummage through the clutter. How? With ChatOnGo’s Tag features we can tag specific posts with colour coded tags. You can tag a post with meeting and know which message pertains to a meeting.  Sometimes messages can be very confusing. You get to know what a message is referring to by checking the previous messages in the same tag. And colour coding makes it even easier to spot specific categories. So, your work is more organised and takes less time.

ChatOnGo allows you to get most done with the least effort. No longer is there a need to keep a separate document for Onboarding as our tags allow access to all those who are interested in the relevant data be it a new employee or an old veteran trying to expand his horizon. Tags keep your data organised and allow for further control and collaboration between teams. Paying attention takes time and time is precious; use it wisely. Our selective notification for tags allows you to be notified when posts with a particular tag appear. Choose your level of involvement with ChatOnGo tags your notifications are under your control.

So, sift through the clutter with Tag Category feature, getting exactly what you want.


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