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Life can be chaotic at times. Work life even more so. Keeping track of the tasks you are assigned can be a cumbersome task. Let alone, keeping track of others’. Like everything in life, there is an app to fix this problem.

ChatOnGo for Business’ task management feature lets you assign tasks to your subordinates and track them to meet deadlines. Additionally, you can keep track of tasks completed or delayed. This feature will not only let you keep a track of the employees. You will not only get to know who works hard to meet deadlines but also to identify the ones who slack off.

Task Management feature will encourage all the employees to work harder when they would realise that their work is being monitored. It will also inculcate a sense of healthy competition among teammates. Consequently, making your employees more productive helping the company to grow.

This revolutionary team collaboration tool will remove clutter from your work life. It will not only make you a better worker but a better person as well. When your life is clutter free, you get more time for yourself. In that case, you get time to spend with your loved ones. All of this; a consequence of one smart decision, i.e., subscribing to this amazing enterprise social network. ChatOnGo is the best team collaboration tool you can get in the market that gives you your money’s worth.


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