Shagle: Meet Kinky Strangers Instantly in This Wild Chat Roulette

🚀 Launched Year 2013
🆓 Main Features Free video chat, anonymous, gender filters, text chat
👥 Number of Users 100k+ daily active users
♂️/♀️ Male/Female Ratio 60% male, 40% female
🌎 Top 3 Countries United States, France, Canada
💵 Prices Free basic access, upgrades from $3.75-6.99/week
🌐 Site

As your resident expert on adult chat sites, let me break it down for you. Shagle is a free online chat platform that lets regular folks like you and me video chat with complete strangers. It's kind of like Flingster or Chatspin, if you remember those sites.

The idea is simple - you click a button and instantly get connected via webcam with someone else who wants to chat. It's crazy easy to use and completely anonymous, so you can talk about whatever's on your mind without worrying about judgment or awkwardness.

So who's Shagle good for? Honestly, it's a blast for anyone looking to chat and maybe even flirt a little with people from all over the world. I've met some really cool and interesting characters on there. And I won't lie, things can get a bit frisky if you want them to! 😉

The best part? It's 100% free to use the basic features. If you want to unlock extra filters and options, they have reasonable paid memberships too.

Let me fill you in on a few more details about how Shagle actually works...

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👀 What to Anticipate on Shagle

As your friendly neighborhood dude reviewing adult chat sites, let me give you on what to expect if you log into Shagle. I'll keep it 💯 with ya.

🎁 Main Features

  • Video chatting - Obviously this is the big one! When you hit that start button, your webcam fires up and you're face-to-face with a complete stranger. Could be a bored housewife, could be some nerd in his mom's basement. That's the thrill!
  • Text chat - If you ain't ready to show your face, you can still text chat. Probably gonna be a lot of dudes looking to sext, so get those typing fingers loosened up!
  • 🙋‍♀️👨 Gender filters - This is clutch. As a premium user, you can filter your matches to only women or only men. No more wasting time chatting up dudes if you're on the hunt for pussy.
  • 🌎 Location filters - Wanna chat with someone from Thailand? Russia?horny Brazilians? Premium members can pick a country and chat with randos there. Pretty dope for living out your fantasies!

🎭 Other Fun Stuff

  • Intro messages - Give peeps a little snippet about yourself before you chat. "Horny MILF looking for young studs" or "Just a shy nerd looking for my dream girl" kinda thing.
  • 😂 Face filters - Not just for thots on Instagram anymore! Mess around with fun filters even if you ain't a premium member.
  • Virtual gifts - Impress your chat partners by sending them virtual gifts andboosting your e-mack game!

So if you're down to video chat with complete strangers from around the world, I'd say Shagle is worth peeping. Worst case you see some disembodied junk. Best case you have a fun, flirty chat that really gets the juices flowin'! Holla at me if you check it out.

Getting Connected With Randos in Just One Click

One thing I appreciated was how easy it was to dive right into a chat on Shagle. No account required! 🙌

You simply choose your gender, enable your webcam, and hit the "Start Chatting" button. Seconds later, you'll be face-to-face with a total stranger. Swipe on to the next rando whenever you want. It's that simple.

They weren't kidding about having a huge user base either. During my testing, I encountered zero issues finding chat partners fast. Major key for a good experience on these kinds of platforms.

stylized world map with auto-translate icons floating above it

🗣️ Talk to the World with Auto-Translate

As your friendly neighborhood reviewer of adult chat sites, I gotta say - one of Shagle's coolest features is the auto-translate tool. This bad boy lets me chat with hotties from all over the globe without any language barrier.

I don't know about you, but language differences have cockblocked me more times than I can count. I'd match with some smokeshow from Russia or Brazil, we'd be vibing, and then bam! As soon as we tried to actually talk, shit would fall apart faster than a Jenga tower at a frat party. 😑

But with Shagle's auto-translate, those days are over, baby! Now I can slide into the DMs of virtually any chick on Earth. Here's how it works:

  1. Shagle detects what language you and your match are speaking
  2. It automatically translates your messages into their language
  3. And translates their messages back to you

It's not quite as smooth as having a real translator, but it gets the job done! I've used it to flirt with ladies from all over - Russia, Mexico, Germany, you name it! And I can confirm first-hand that it definitely leads to some spicy video sessions. 🔥🔥🔥

So if you're tryna go global with your chat game, be sure to check out Shagle's auto-translate. It just might help you finally smash that language barrier holding you back!

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😜 Get Amusing or Stay Hidden with Fun Face Filters

I've gotta say, one of my favorite features on Shagle is the face filters. They let you put on a virtual mask to chat anonymously or get goofy with dog ears, funky glasses, and other hilarious effects.

It's kinda like using Snapchat filters, but while video chatting live with randos! Whether you wanna stay incognito or just have some silly fun, these masks totally spice up your convos.

Here's a quick rundown of how they work:

  1. Tap the smiley face icon to open the filters menu
  2. Scroll through and preview the different effects
  3. Select one and it shows up over your face automatically
  4. Switch filters anytime to keep the laughter flowing

With masks like a blushing anime girl, crazy clown, or weird distorted effects, you've got plenty of options for anonymity or just pure entertainment.

I gave 'em a spin chatting to a 19-year-old college girl named Amy. Sporting some funky glasses and a hip hop grin, we cracked each other up over 5 minutes of filter-faced frivolity. 🤓😎😆

So if you wanna get your grin on behind a goofy disguise or stay incognito, take the face filters for a spin next time you Shagle!

People from different countries communicate online all over the world

👥 Shagle's Community

I've gotta say, after testing out the site myself and peeking into some of those random video chats, I was impressed by the types of people I met on Shagle. Sure, it's a total mixed bag - you never know who you'll get connected to next - but the userbase seems way more diverse than I expected.

😎 Lots of Cool, Quirky People

From anime fans to musicians to travelers, I crossed paths with all sorts of fascinating characters during my journey through Shagle's endless chat roulette. Many were just average Joes and Janes looking to kill some time and make a new buddy. But there were definitely some real characters sprinkled in there too:

  • A heavily tattooed rocker chick with a pet snake around her neck
  • An Italian chef who gave a lively pasta-making demo
  • A bubbly Betty Boop cosplayer in full costume
  • A soft-spoken coder building bots to have automated conversations on the platform

Part of the fun is that wacky spontaneity - you never know what delightful weirdo or new BFF might pop up next!

👍 Nice, Wholesome Interactions

I'll admit, given the raunchy nature of some random cam sites out there, my expectations were low. But surprisingly, most of my Shagle chats were surprisingly wholesome! People were friendly, polite, and perfectly happy carrying on normal, PG-rated conversations:

  • Swapping travel stories and bucket list destinations
  • Geeking out over favorite games, bands, movies, etc.
  • Exchanging lighthearted banter and bad jokes
  • Even just saying a quick "hello" before moving on

Of course, you may encounter the occasional creeper. But overall, I dig the community's laidback, positive vibe. We could use more virtual spaces like this!

So if you're seeking some feel-good, human connections with total strangers, I recommend giving Shagle a go. This quirky, wholesome crowd is an absolute delight! Just be open, stay positive, and have fun :)

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💎Shagle's VIP💎

As your favorite reviewer of adult chat sites, I gotta say Shagle's free version is pretty solid. You can flip through randos and chat for free without even making an account. But I wanted to really put this bad boy to the test, so I signed up to try out the VIP features.

The basic account is cool, but VIP takes it up a notch. Here's what you get:


  • Gender filter - Finally, I can chat with just chicks or dudes. No more wasting time flipping through people I'm not into. This filter makes finding hotties way faster!
  • Location filter - Now I can narrow my search by country to find chat partners with sexy accents. Hola Latin lovers! 👋
  • Verified badge - Gets me that sweet verified checkmark so people know I'm legit.
  • No ads - Bye bye annoying ads! 👋 This makes browsing so much smoother.
  • Get reconnected - If I get disconnected, I can get back in touch with previous chat partners. In case sparks were flying and I wanna reconnect! 🔥
  • Gain followers - Build up a fan club of chat buddies. More friends with benefits? Yes please! 🙌
  • Hide location - For privacy freaks (not me!), you can hide where you're chatting from.
  • Intro message - Make a good first impression by setting an intro message. Something charming yet kinda pervy like "Let's get to know each other without our clothes on" 😉


They've got a few options to suit different budgets and commitment levels:

Plan Price Details
3 Months $14.99/month (save 50%) $44.99 total billed every 3 months
1 Month $19.99/month (save 34%) $19.99 billed monthly
1 Week $6.99/week $6.99 billed weekly

Honestly the weekly and monthly plans still seem kinda steep. But that 3-month deal is a pretty sweet discount if you wanna commit.

For a baller on a budget like me, Shagle's free version still gives a good taste. But the filters and bonus perks definitely take it up a notch for hardcore chat fiends. If I was richer I'd spring for VIP...but for now I'll stick to window shopping hotties for free. 👀🚫💸

So there's the rundown on Shagle's paid memberships! Let me know if you have any other q's about my adventure in their VIP lounge. 😎 Otherwise, hope you found a sexy new chat friend tonight! ✌️

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User Reviews

"So easy to meet real girls and guys from around the world 🌎"

"Way better than Omegle! Never get bored here" 😍

Overall, people love the huge user base and like-minded strangers to flirt or chat with globally. No more sausage-fests! 🥓🌭 With over 100k daily visitors spanning 70+ countries, matches come quick.

I met Lindsay🇨🇦 in minutes - smart and quirky chick. We had a warm convo before I adventured on in search of other exotic strangers.🌟 Later I spotted a fiery Brazilian, but my mediocre Portuguese stalled us. 🇧🇷😆 Thankfully Shagle's auto-translate swooped in so we could get our flirt on! 💋👌

While few were down for R-rated fun, the friendly community and far-reaching matches outweighed the wholesome vibe. For unfiltered XXX action, I may dig deeper in my list of sex chat sites 🔞. But for flirty global friends, Shagle brought good fast-paced fun!💃

I give it 👍👍👍 for the accessibility, cool features and curated matching. Shagle may not be the sexiest or most sultry, but their huge member network spanning the globe keeps conversation exciting and fresh. 🌎 If you're seeking provocative friends abroad, I say give Shagle a whirl! 😉🔥

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Got Bored with Shagle? Check Out These Hot Alternatives

Shagle site looks good and claims over 100K daily users, but I wasn't too impressed with the actual experience.

The video quality was glitchy even on a fast connection, and most of the people I connected with weren't very chatty. Maybe I just had bad luck, but after half an hour of nexting through boring conversations, I was ready to check out some other options.

Luckily there are a bunch of similar sites that might give you better results. Here are a few of my top picks if you're looking for a hot chat with some cuties:


Flingster has a really nice layout and some cool features like the ability to use filters to find people with similar interests. They also have great video quality compared to Shagle. I ended up having a fun, flirty chat with a girl from Florida who was showing off her curves in a tiny bikini! 🌞


Coomeet is all about connecting people who want to get off together on cam. If you're looking for mutual masturbation with a complete stranger, this is where to go! They have categories for different kinks too, so you can find someone who shares your specific interests. 😉 I had an exciting session on there with a sexy older housewife.


Okay, Camgo might scare off the faint of heart, because their tour page just opens right into live video feeds from their models' bedrooms. But if you want amateur exhibitionists who really put on a show, this could be your new obsession. 😳 One busty cutie I watched on there was using Lovense toys that members could control with tips!


Last but not least, don't sleep on LuckyCrush. Their gimmick is that guys are automatically matched with girls when they log in. No more swiping desperately through dude after dude! I ended up chatting with a cute alt girl from England who wanted me to take my pants off. Can't argue with that! 😁

So yeah, long story short - Shagle didn't really do it for me, but there are better options if you want to video chat with strangers online. Check out my recommendations and let the good times roll! 🤘

dude with thumbs up on white background

Final Verdict: A Solid Contender for Random Video Chatting

I'll admit, I didn't have the highest hopes for Shagle at first glance. But after taking it for a test drive, consider me pleasantly surprised!

They've absolutely nailed the random chat experience:

  • 👍 Easy and instantly accessible
  • 👥 Tons of active membership = no waiting around
  • 🤩 Fun extra features like filters

My only complaint is that they put some of the best filters (gender, location) behind a paywall. But the free account still lets you video chat unlimitedly.

Overall, Shagle is a solid option for anyone seeking random nsfw chats with strangers. I happily give it 👍👍👍 out of 5 stars!